We are experts in plasterwork

We can match any existing cornice, enriched, plain internal or external and where appropriate use rubber mouldings to make a special mould for your plasterwork.

See samples from our South London workshop below.

Cornice types & craftmanship

This is a selection of our cornice and coving mouldings. They are manufactured using hessian (canvas) timber or glass reinforced gypsum. We specialise and are expert craftsmen in fibrous plaster. We can repair cornices that are cracked, damaged or missing casting plaster.

Ceiling Roses

A selection of our ceiling rosed. They are manufactured  using hessian (canvas) timber or glass reinforced gypsum. We can make and match ceiling roses and repair damaged ones.

Victorian Coving & Cornices

Most property built in the Victorian Era (1837 – 1901) had some kind of Plaster moulding inside the house, and not just the houses of the rich. Over time these mouldings can get damaged or removed .

We stock many designs for Victorian Coving, Cornices & Ceiling Roses and can create bespoke versions to match your current plasterwork. Once fitted and painted it is impossible to tell the difference between a Victorian original and our copy.